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of Greece,


Contemporary cuisine combined with the flavours of an ancient time, bringing together the best Greek food


Opson Restaurant brings you a unique new dining experience – cuisine inspired by the tastes and ingredients of classical Greece. Our head chef Stefanos Kolimadis, in consultation with a classical scholar, has created a tasting menu based on the dishes enjoyed by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Omiros. Using fresh vegetables from our own kitchen garden and locally sourced delicacies, our head chef combines contemporary cuisine with the flavours of an ancient time, bringing together the best Greek food with dishes known and loved by our legendary forefathers.


Named after the mythical home of the god Pan, Arcadia was a place of natural harmony and pastoral enchantment. This earthly Arcadia is located on the fringe of picturesque Oia, an easy stroll from the village centre, but far enough away to ensure peace and privacy. The all-suite hotel offers guests the highest standards of comfort and elegant living space, in keeping with the Andronis reputation for excellence and personal service. Every suite has its own pool, situated to capture the magical views towards the Aegean sea and the island’s unforgettable sunsets.

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Executive Chef Stefanos Kolimadis’s concept is ambitious and inspired in equal measure, promising to blow away Santorini’s gourmet scene: Working alongside a classical scholar, he has turned to archaeology, literature and art from Ancient Greece to locate, test and perfect food enjoyed by the people of that time. Stefanos Kolimadis has prepared something truly unique to share with Andronis guests, and the opportunity to dine like an Ancient Greek gives new meaning to immersing yourself in Greek culture.


Bridging together points in time, the menu makes good use of the finest local produce, including freshly-picked vegetables and fragrant herbs, Santorini cheese, capers and freshly-caught seafood and fish. The wine list is as carefully put together as you’d expect, with local gems and international labels that perfectly accompany the innovative food.

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Matt Lambert

08 & 09.08.2019

Matt Lambert, a New Zealand native who developed his skills working in some of New York’s top kitchens, opened The Musket Room in 2013, bringing together his New Zealand heritage and modern techniques to crystallize his early adolescent dreams. Only four months after opening, Chef Lambert together with his partners celebrated receiving the first highly coveted Michelin star. Just two years later, Lambert earned a StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award for his work and the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for the third consecutive year in October 2015. In Musket Room, Lambert tries to create his own interpretation of things, and as New Zealand cuisine is not about tradition, there is a lot of room for creativity. Lambert makes the food he likes and tries to do it the best way he can. His dishes are thoughtful and composed, reflecting his New American experience and classical French training. He describes his cuisine as simple and honest, staying true to the ingredients and highlighting their natural flavors. He believes that inspiration is everywhere and he loves the act of making something and giving it to somebody.


9.9 .2019

Ettore Botrini has a long professional path as from 1986 to 1992 he received training and worked with his father Etrusco Botrini, a chef himself, in numerous MED Clubs all over the world. In the next two years he worked in the family business “Etrusco” restaurant in Corfu, an award winner among the best restaurants in Greece with continuous upward rankings from food guides. In 1993-94 Ettore Botrini continued his training in various awarded with Michelin-Star restaurants in Monaco/France which was followed by his return to Corfu in 1999 in order to take over as the head chef of “Etrusco” restaurant. He continued his training though, since in 2006 he moved to Spain where he attended a number of seminars in molecular cuisine and completed his practical course. In the same year, as well as in 2009, he had practical training next to his friend and 3 stars awarded chef Martin Berasategui.



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